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Nectar of Happiness 17 - Rodinný pivovar Zichovec

Rodinný pivovar Zichovec

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€ 6,90
0,50 l Can
€ 13,80 / l
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Nectar and ambrosia are the food of the gods. If you can’t understand that, you should try the Nectar of Happiness from the Rodinny Pivovar Zichovec: Liquid gold, so delicious that even Zeus couldn’t resist.

The juicy New England IPA with a strong 7.0% is one of the brewery’s bestsellers and delights with intense notes of ripe pineapple, which meets mango and honeydew melon on the palate. The delicious mixture flows into the glass in a shining gold tone and wears a fleeting crown of white foam on the cloudy body. A tropical scent fills your nose and tempts you to take the first sip. This caresses the tongue with a velvety soft texture that can be attributed to the use of oatmeal. The cereals give the beer stature and ensure that smooth mouthfeel. A whole lot of hops, with which the beer was bombarded in all phases of the brewing process, provides the taste. The result is a NEIPA with a wonderfully full-bodied fruit character and maximum fruitiness. While pineapple, mango, passion fruit, citrus fruit, melon and peach explode on your tongue, the bitterness is kept in check. Where one would expect a strong hop bitterness, there is only an elegant bitterness that is harmoniously matched to the fruity sweetness and fits perfectly into the aromas. A special yeast strain gives the beer that certain something.

0,50 Liter Can
Beer region
Czech Republic
Beer style
India Pale Ale
Food recommendation
Appetizers: Spicy hard cheese with fig mustard
Main course : Mac n Cheese
Dessert : crepes with fruits
Glass recommendation
Craft Master tasting glass
Alcohol content
7.0% vol
Original wort
17 ° Plato
Rodinný pivovar Zichovec

Water, barley malt, oat flakes, hops & yeast

0,50 KG (0,51 KG with packaging )
€ 0,25
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Zichovecká s.r.o, ul. 5. května 2789, 44001 Louny, Tschechien (CZ)
Braufrisch Untappd: 4,05/5
Nectar of Happiness 17 - product image
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