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Teku Verkostungsglas neutral - Die Bierothek®

Die Bierothek®

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The craft beer movement has not only flooded the beer market with a juicy wave of delicious drinks, it has also given beer lovers a whole new range of glasses. There have always been beer glasses, but in the past the selection was relatively limited: most die-hard hopheads had a beer mug and one or two wheat glasses at home, but that was pretty much it. In the cellar, the beer was served in mugs, in the pub in Willibecher.

It looks different now!

The variety of glass has multiplied, not least because the beer styles have also multiplied. Today’s gourmet has a wide range of different brews to choose from and can drink almost any of them from a specially designed glass. If that’s too much crockery for you, you’ll do everything right with the Teku glass. This tasting glass, specially designed for craft beers, elicits the taste of a wealth of different brews. The elegant all-rounder comes with a stable base from which a slender stem emerges. A bulbous body with a broad base and a narrowing tapering rim is enthroned on the long neck. Thanks to its low thickness, the glass lies wonderfully on the lips and turns the beer after work into a multi-layered pleasure for the nose and tongue.

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