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Öchsla - Huppendorfer Bier

Huppendorfer Bier

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The Öchsla of the Huppendorf brewery got its name from a Franconian custom on Pentecost Sunday.

The Pentecostal ox is herded out into the pasture for the first time on this day. On this occasion, a procession is led through the village behind the Öchsla. The strongest animal of the herd is adorned with flowers, straw and ribbons and leads the procession as a Pentecostal ox. Until the 19th century there was a custom of slaughtering the pentax (the Öchsla) for the subsequent Whitsun meal - this custom may still go back to the offering of animal sacrifices.

Of course, the beer in Franconia was a must for such a festive meal!

The Huppendorf brewery has been brewing traditionally for 500 years and still attaches great importance to maintaining tradition - but not without a feel for new trends and greening. The master brewer also skilfully incorporates this mix of tradition and modernity into the creation of new beers.

The presentation of the Öchsla in the glass is adorned with festive, dark, shiny orange tones and a fine beige foam.

The smell of the Öchsla reflects the beautiful fruity notes of a classic wheat. Overripe bananas as well as light mango and pineapple nuances are clearly enough and can also be tasted in the initial taste. In the body, the Öchsla becomes even more voluminous and spreads the full aroma of a sweet, strong Caribbean cocktail in the mouth. This skilfully picks up on current beer trends, because this beer is the ideal digestif for beer lovers and easily replaces any cocktail.

But tradition is by no means lost in this trend. With the Öchsla, the brewer brings sweet malt notes to his wheat through the two hop varieties Hallertauer Perle and Hallertauer Tradition - two of the most traditional hop varieties in existence.

A skilful mix of modernity and tradition that you definitely shouldn't miss.

0,50 Liter bottle
Beer region
Alcohol content
5.2% vol
Original wort
14 ° Plato
Huppendorfer beer

Water, barley malt, hops, yeast

€ 0,08
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Brauerei und Gastwirtschaft Johannes Grasser, Huppendorf 25, 96167 Königsfeld, Deutschland (DE)
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