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Breakfast Of Champions - Sudden Death Brewing Co.

Sudden Death Brewing Co.

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Although Breakfast of Champions may sound like grainy cereal, fresh fruit, raw eggs and protein shakes, the American term actually means a breakfast that is less nutritious and healthy. A true Breakfast of Champions includes fast food, excessive amounts of caffeine, and anything that doesn’t guarantee a perfect start to the day but makes it all the more delicious. Fat and sugar are the unsung heroes of all unhealthy delicacies — but the secret stars of this Breakfast of Champions are coffee beans.

The brewery Sudden Death Brewing has brought its friends from the Lübeck coffee roasting company Cycle Roasters on board for its latest creation. The professional coffee aficionados Philip and Sergey have the finest beans with them: For Breakfast of Champions, the experts have selected coffee from Brazil and Peru from their extensive range.

The delightful Coffee Porter, created in collaboration, exudes a sensual scent of freshly brewed coffee, good chocolate, caramel and candied fruit. The taste test confirms the sinful first impression and caresses body and soul with full-bodied notes of dried plums, fine chocolate, toffee and the finely sour bitterness of an exquisite espresso. Sudden Death’s Breakfast of Champions is tart, sweet, bitter, slightly tart, and leaner than you’d expect. A true work of art of dark aromas!

0,44 Liter Can
Beer region
Beer style
Porter & Stout
Food recommendation
Starter : Fresh salad with nuts, pesto, Gorgonzola and chilli
Main course : Roast with goat cheese and fried potatoes
Dessert : Chocolate desserts
Glass recommendation
Tasting glass Teku Bierwelle
Alcohol content
6.0% vol
Original wort
15 ° Plato
Sudden Death Brewing Co.

Water, barley malt, coffee beans, hops, yeast

0,44 kg (0,45 kg with packaging )
€ 0,25
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Sudden Death Brewing Co. GbR, Jan Eric Nagel & Oliver Schmökel, Strandallee 81, 23669 Timmendorfer Strand, Deutschland (DE)
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