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Blech Brut

The hipster among the craft beer brewers is clearly Benedikt von BlechBrut: With a cap on his head, trendy label designs and stylish in the can is BlechBrut from on fleek. Bamberg's Gypsy Brewery brewed its beer in the sacred halls of the ancestral Camba brewery in Gundelmachen from the start. Nevertheless, BlechBrut stands out quite clearly from what the loan brewery produces. The very risk of reselling beer in cans is a unique selling point in times when cans are more about cheap beer than great enjoyment. To counteract this reputation, Blechbrut scores with minimalist labels and the contemporary names Doldensau , Decoy and Wildcat .

Simple, easy and trendy.

Fresh wind in the kettle

Blech.Brut has made it its mission to bring new momentum to the dusty beer tradition. In the centuries-old brewing business, young faces are needed to transport beer into the new millennium and into the heads (or stomachs) of new beer consumers. Benedikt has the ambition to break the horizon of Franconian beer drinkers, to allow them to think outside the box and to broaden their perception of beer. In short, with BlechBrut he wants to stir up the Franconian and international beer scene in an elegant, artistic way and offer Schlenkerla drinkers a trendy alternative.

International flair

Benedikt Steger, the head, torso and body behind the Blechbrut label, decided after a few trial semesters in various courses and an insight into the seriousness of making a living, to make his fun with beer official. In Mönchsambach he learned the craft of brewer and maltster. In Berlin, London and Paris the finished brewer sniffed the city air and acquired everything that a future avant-garde in the beer scene needs. He made good contacts and got to know brewers who were already well known. This is how he came across Enzo Frauenschuh from the Camba brewery, who would later give him and his project a home. Steger plans to work together with artists and illustrators in the future in order to do justice to his concept, the Art Brut, the spontaneous, raw art of laypeople, so to speak. In order to give his BlechBrut brand a recognition value, so to speak a face, there is currently only a cooperation with the illustrator Julian Opitz, who has drawn decoys, cones and wild cats.

Logo: Blech Brut

Blech.Brut GmbH
Heumarkt 5
96047 Bamberg

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