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Urstoff - Leikeim


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€ 1,90
0,50 l bottle
€ 3,80 / l
Too popular

So original tastes at home.

The Leikeim brewery from Franconia has specialized in beers that are supposed to convey the cozy feeling of home. “At home” is a vague, intangible term and it certainly feels different for everyone. However, everyone probably knows the warm feeling of having arrived, of security and relaxation that one associates with home. A sip of glue should give you exactly this fabulous feeling, regardless of whether you are actually at home or maybe a long way away.

The UrStoff from Leikeim definitely fits into the scheme of Heimat beers: the old Franconian dark is brewed according to a traditional recipe and is a full-bodied, aromatic beer specialty that ensures enjoyment and Franconian cosiness.

The dark beer flows into the glass in a rich mahogany tone and is adorned with a stately crown of slightly tinted foam. A symphony of powerful malt notes rises from the creamy foam into the nose and tempts you to take the first sip. This reveals a voluminous body with a wonderful roasted aroma: notes of roasted malt, creamy caramel and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate caress the palate with soft sweetness and a velvety texture. The finish is dry and hearty and rounds off the beer enjoyment so skillfully that you want to drink another bottle of it right away.

0,50 Liter bottle
Beer region
Beer style
Franconian beers , lager
Glass recommendation
Clay jug 0.5L
Tasting glass 0.33l
Food recommendation
Appetizer: beef carpaccio
Main course : grilled poultry with vegetables
Dessert : heavy cakes
Alcohol content
5.2% vol
Original wort
13 ° Plato

Water, barley malt, hops, yeast

€ 0,15
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Brauhaus Altenkunstadt Andreas Leikeim GmbH & Co KG, Gewerbegebiet 4, 96264 Altenkunstadt, Deutschland (DE)
Free beer consultation
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