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Red Stripe - Red Stripe

Red Stripe

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€ 2,90
0,33 l bottle
€ 8,79 / l
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Red Stripe is exactly the right beer for everyone who desperately needs a vacation. The Jamaican camp conjures up the sun of the island state in your glass and ensures a good mood and relaxation.

In the nineties, the Red Stripe established its reputation as the perfect companion for concerts and live music: Jamaican beer not only goes well with relaxed reggae music, but also with everything else. The beer brand made a name for itself in the music business and even put on its own show. Red Stripe also sponsors world-famous awards ceremonies. Music is in this beer’s blood. But what else is in the chic, small bottles with the red stripes?

Red Stripe comes with a relaxed alcohol content of 4.7% and flows into the glass in crystal clear amber. A hand’s breadth of white, fine-pored foam crowns the fine bubbly beer and exudes an enticing scent of malt, floral hops, sun-dried straw and delicate herbs. The initial taste reveals a light-footed body with wonderful freshness and little bitterness. The classic taste of a lager is accompanied by a sweet note of tenderly melting caramel, as well as a touch of grassy hops and a fine note of malt. A subtle acidity rounds off the play of aromas and gives the beer additional freshness.

Summer, sun, beach and a red stripe!

0,33 Liter bottle
Beer region
South America
Beer style
Food recommendation
Appetizer: beef carpaccio
Main course : grilled poultry with vegetables
Dessert : heavy cakes
Glass recommendation
Tasting glass 0.33l
Alcohol content
4.7% vol
Original wort
12 ° Plato
Red Stripe

Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Hopfen

€ 0,08
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Desnoes & Geddes Limited, 214 Spanish Town Road
, Kingston 11 Jamaica, W.I., Jamaika (JM)
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