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Friend or Foe? Armagnac Barrel Aged - product image

Friend or Foe? Armagnac Barrel Aged - Browar Rockmill

Browar Rockmill

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€ 9,90
0,33 l bottle
€ 30,00 / l
Too popular

Friend or Foe is the English equivalent of friend or foe. Most of the time you are aware within the first three seconds whether the other person wants you good or bad, but there are situations where it is not so clear. This applies, for example, to the Rockmill beer of the same name.

Since Friend or Foe is a beer, we assume the best, but behind the full-bodied, sweet, fruity and delicately smoky front there is a hard-hitting 12.0% alcohol content. In its mystical, opaque depths, the night-black beer hides a whole host of secrets that only become apparent when you dare to take the first sip. This is encouraged by a tightly woven, intense scent that fills the air with notes of peat, late summer campfire, wood and smoked. If you then jump into the unknown, you will be rewarded with a silky-smooth composition of strong smoke aromas, spicy wood, candied red fruits and fine Armagnac. The latter is thanks to the nine months of barrel aging in disused Armagnac barrels that the beer went through until it finally ended up in your glass. The stately 12.0% are incredibly skilfully integrated into the taste profile and only become apparent when it is already too late.

Friend or foe? Find out for yourself!

0,33 Liter bottle
Beer region
Beer style
Barrel matured beers , porters & stouts
Glass recommendation
Tasting glass Teku Bierwelle
Alcohol content
12.0% vol
Original wort
30 ° Plato
Browar Rockmill

Water, barley malt, oat malt, wheat malt, hops, yeast

0,33 KG (0,51 KG with packaging )
€ 0,25
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Browar Rockmill, Ul. Partyzantów 8 lok. 104, 80-254 Danzig, Polen (PL)
Untappd: 4,06
Friend or Foe? Armagnac Barrel Aged - product image
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