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Farmor Elna - Schneeeule


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Farmor Elna is the grandmother in the range of the Berliner Weisse Brauerei Schneeeule and not just because the beer is called that.

Farmor Elna was created in collaboration with the Swedish craft beer brewery Brekeriet and bears the name Oma Elna. This is not because the Berliner Weisse was wrapped in crocheted doilies or brewed with caramel candy or because grandmas tasted particularly good, but rather because the fine drop was allowed to mature in aromatic oak barrels for a period of 12 months after the brewing process. With a little more than a year under his belt, Grandma Elna can already be counted among the beer-loving seniors.

The Berliner Weisse, fermented with lactic acid bacteria, flows into the glass in a warm honey tone and wears little more than a fleeting white veil on the naturally cloudy body. An olfactory composition of a delicately sweet grape scent and sour natural yogurt rises into the nose and makes you excited about the first sip. The initial taste reveals a full-bodied body with mild acidity, balanced fruit and a dry character. The typical sharp acidity of a classic Berliner Weissen was rounded off by the maturation process in the barrel and the usual palette of flavors is complemented and deepened by the soft, aromatic flavors of the whiskey, port and rum barrels used.

Farmor Elna is an unusual Berliner Weisse who carries her age with elegance, dignity and a lot of taste.

0,75 Liter bottle
Beer region
Beer style
Fruit & sour beers
Food recommendation
Starter : light salad with feta
Main course : spicy wraps
Dessert : vanilla ice cream with fruits
Glass recommendation
Tasting glass Teku 0.3L
Alcohol content
4.4% vol
Original wort
9 ° Plato
Snow owl
€ 0,15
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Schneeeule Brauerei, Edinburger Strasse 59, 13349 Berlin, Deutschland (DE)
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