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Windsheimer Flüssig-Brot #4 - Deutsche Kreativbrauer

Deutsche Kreativbrauer

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The Windsheimer liquid bread is special in more than one way.

The type of beer is definitely unusual: the so-called bread beer is brewed with real bread. In the case of this example, the baked goods come from the Windsheim bakery Wimmer and are fine sourdough bread with rye. In order to save bread from the bin, at some point people started brewing beer with it. You simply replace part of the malt with the pastry. This process conjures up a wonderfully intense bread aroma in the beer and ensures that less food is thrown away.

But not only the extra ingredient makes the beer special; It is not made in the stainless steel tanks of a modern brewery, but brewed in the Kraisdorfer Hofbräuhaus using traditional brewing technology and equipment from the good old days. This historic brewery is no longer in business: it is part of the Windsheim open-air museum and normally serves as an exhibit. An exception was made for this brew and the museum allowed Christian Zwanzger to ride the old system.

The Zwanzger craft brewery is a member of the Association of German Creative Brewers and thus part of an innovative new movement. The association of young breweries is committed to modernizing the legal situation and brews according to its own catalog of rules, which, for example, prescribes the use of natural ingredients and prohibits the filtration and dilution of the beer as well as the use of extracts.

0,33 Liter bottle
Beer region
Beer style
Franconian beers
Glass recommendation
Clay jug 0.5L
Alcohol content
4.2% vol
German creative brewers

Water, barley malt, bread (rye malt, rye sourdough, water, wheat flour, sea salt, rye malt, yeast), hops, yeast

0,33 KG (0,51 KG with packaging )
€ 0,08
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Bundesverband der Kreativbrauer e.V., Rathgeberstrasse 7, 97656 Oberelsbach, Deutschland (DE)
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