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Schübel Bräu Drachenseidla

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The dragon is a mysterious mythical creature whose existence has never been proven. The ancient Romans and Greeks meant by the term larger serpents, but in mythology the term is used for fantastical mixtures of reptiles and birds or big cats. Dragons typically have majestic wings, a full set of legs with vicious claws, a long scaled tail, and a long-fanged maw. The latter houses a forked tongue and can spit fire when needed. For a long time it was assumed that the animal actually existed. If you look at lizards, monitor lizards and iguanas, this misconception doesn't seem so far-fetched. Of course, the supposed dragons were a bit larger and more terrifying than their living relatives.

Many books, films and series today make the dragon the protagonist and tie in with its heyday in antiquity and the Middle Ages. The Schübel Bräu is reminiscent of the scaled monsters with a product of a completely different kind: their homage is of course of a beer nature.

The Drachenseidla from Stadtsteinach is a honey-golden cellar beer with natural cloudiness and fluffy, fluffy foam. A bouquet of toffee and freshly baked bread tempts you to drink. In terms of taste, the beer scores with hearty malt, creamy caramel, spicy yeast and nutty hints.

0,50 Liter bottle
Beer style
Franconian beers
Glass recommendation
Clay jug 0.5L
Alcohol content
4.9% vol
Original wort
12 ° Plato

Water, barley malt, roasted barley malt, hops, yeast

0,50 KG (0,88 KG with packaging )
€ 0,08
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