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KBS - Founders Brewing

Founders Brewing

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€ 9,90
0,35 l bottle
€ 28,29 / l
Too popular

The Breakfast Stout is one of the public favorites in the wide range of the Founders Brewing Company. The powerful beer combines a sensual mouthfeel with strong chocolate and coffee notes and is the perfect breakfast for those with a sweet tooth. When a friend of the brewery arrived in 2001 with a few disused Bourbon barrels, the brewers took this excellent opportunity to give their popular classic a noble touch.

However, it took some time before they were satisfied with the recipe: The Breakfast Stout had to be adapted to the barrel storage. The simple stout became an imperial stout by multiplying the amount of malt, chocolate and coffee notes. In this way, the Breakfast Stout was ready to be matured in a bourbon barrel. The beer stored for a good while in the aromatic oak wood and emerged from it in a transformed form. The Kentucky Breakfast Stout, or KBS for short, was born and hit like a bomb with a slight lag. The first tastings were a bit hesitant, which was mainly due to the high price for the time. When the craft beer movement flooded the market with high quality and higher priced beers, the Founders audience was ready for their KBS too.

Today the full-bodied beer with the smooth texture sells like hotcakes: everyone wants their share of the beer specialty with the silky coffee and chocolate character.

0,35 Liter bottle
Beer region
USA & Canada
Beer style
Porter & Stout
Food recommendation
Starter : Fresh salad with nuts, pesto, Gorgonzola and chilli
Main course : Roast with goat cheese and fried potatoes
Dessert : Chocolate desserts
Glass recommendation
Tasting glass Teku Bierwelle
Alcohol content
12.0% vol
Bitter unity
70 IBU
Original wort
22 ° Plato
Founders Brewing

Water, barley malt, wheat malt, oat flakes, chocolate, coffee, hops & yeast

0,35 KG (0,35 KG with packaging )
€ 0,08
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Founders Brewing Co., 235 Grandville Ave SW, Grand Rapids, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (US)
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headset_mic 0800-243768435 (free of charge) 0800-243768435 (free of charge)
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