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Natur Radler - Münsteraner Finne

Münsteraner Finne

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There are a lot of different names for the word bicycle in the German language. In Switzerland the projectile is called Velo, in Bavaria it is affectionately called Radl and in northern Germany it is called Leeze. The ancient term for the first bicycles was velocipede, and some people call their bike wire, steel horse, or two-wheeler.

We don’t want to dictate what you call your means of transport, we’d much rather present you with a refreshment that tastes particularly good when you’ve just returned from a long bike tour.

Said refreshment is the Bio Natur Radler from Finne. The tasty brew is made from the brewery’s popular Helle beer and the finest lemonade. Malt and hops in the beer as well as sugar and lemons in the soda come from controlled organic farming and give the beer its organic seal. Finne uses the noble raw materials to create a wonderfully tangy shandy that flows into the glass in naturally cloudy gold and smells enticingly of sun-kissed citrus fruit and light malt. The initial taste is extremely thirst-quenching and beguiles with fruity sweetness, soft cereal notes, gentle tartness and a generous load of fresh citrus notes. A hint of acid complements the play of aromas.

After the next ride on the steel horse, we recommend the Finne Natur Radler!

0,33 Liter bottle
Beer region
Beer style
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Glass recommendation
Tasting glass Teku Bierwelle
Alcohol content
2.5% vol
Munster Finn

55% beer (brewing water, barley malt*, hops*), 45% lemon soft drink (water, sugar*, carbon dioxide, lemon juice concentrate*, lemon extract)

*from controlled organic cultivation

0,33 kg (0,51 kg with packaging )
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Responsible food business operator (EU)
Münsteraner Finne GmbH, Kerßenbrockstr. 8, 48147 Münster, Deutschland (DE)
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