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Barking Squirrel - Hop City Brewing Co.

Hop City Brewing Co.

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€ 3,90
0,47 l Can
€ 8,25 / l
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Squirrels are cute little animals. They hop from tree to tree with astonishing elegance, nimbly shimmy over branches and power lines, diligently collect nuts, chestnuts and other delicacies and bury them for the winter. The cute forest dweller can be found in stories, films, series and recently also on the label of a beer of the same name.

Hop City Brewery’s flagship product is Barking Squirrel, an award-winning amber lager that was one of the company’s first brews and has continued on a winning streak to this day. Its brewers have stood on the top step of the podium countless times for their achievements in connection with this beer and have received worldwide recognition for this. The popular specialty is made with a mixture of five different types of malt and the Hallertauer Mittelfrüh and Saaz hops. The brewers combine the soft malt character of a classic lager with a generous hop kick and present us with a particularly tasty and aromatic beer.

The barking squirrel brings diverse grain notes, full-bodied caramel and strong roasted notes into the glass and combines them with the taste of slightly burnt orange marmalade. In addition, the hops contribute a noble aroma and a harmonious bitterness that rounds off the overall picture and makes it interesting. The brew has an alcohol content of 5.0% and is absolutely worth trying.

0,47 Liter Can
Beer region
USA & Canada
Beer style
Food recommendation
Appetizer: beef carpaccio
Main course : grilled poultry with vegetables
Dessert : heavy cakes
Glass recommendation
Original mug 0.33l
Alcohol content
5.0% vol
Bitter unity
24 IBU
Original wort
13 ° Plato
Hop City Brewing Co.

Water, barley malt, wheat flakes, hops, yeast

0,47 kg (0,48 kg with packaging )
€ 0,25
Responsible food business operator (EU)
Hop City Brewing Co., 54 Bramsteele Rd, Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6W 3M6, Kanada (CA)
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